How to order

Welcome to the Chadd's at Home website making it easy for you to order delicious foods and essentials and get them safely delivered direct to your door.

Just 3 easy steps...

Step 1. Select your required products using one of the following ways

a) click on the Product Catalog menu then scroll and choose from the list of categories


or b) click the search icon to find a product by name

Click the search icon

search for your product

or c) browse the Product Catalog from the Home page

Click the View Products List button

Step 2. Add your products to the Shopping Cart

a) click a product in the list 
Select a product


b) specify the quantity required and add the product to your Shopping Cart

Add to cart


c) See confirmation that item has been added to the cart successfully

cart confirmation


Step 3. Checkout

a) click on the icon to view the Shopping Cart

Select the cart
b) review the cart and make any modifications required. if you have any specific delivery instructions or wish to collect your order please add a note here. when ready click the button to Check Out
Review the cart
c) complete your delivery address
shipping address
d) next you need to specify your shipping method. this can be either collection, standard delivery or free delivery depending on the total value of  your order.
e) complete your payment details (all major payment cards are accepted including paypal). We use a system of pre-authorization so you will not be charged until we have confirmed that we have received your order and the items are in stock. We will notify you immediately of any problems before completing the transaction.
complete your payment details
f) You will see in the order summary there is a box where you can apply any discount codes that you might have. For example when we have special promotions and offers.
g) When you are ready click the Pay button
Once your payment has been authorized you will be taken to a confirmation page with a summary of your order. An email or text message will also be sent to you to confirm the order has been successfully sent to us.
On receipt of your order will will review it and call you to schedule a delivery day. At this point we will complete the payment transaction.

if you have any problems with the ordering process or want to make any last minute modifications to the order please do not hesitate to call or email us.
telephone: 01288-353964